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Nokia Lumia 800 pricing live in the Buyers Guide   2 comments

The Vodacom contract pricing for the Nokia Lumia 800 is now live in the Buyers Guide. I am very curious how the sales of the Nokia Lumia 800 is going. I got mine as my contract was due for an upgrade, and while filling out the neccesary documentation I struck up a conversation with the Vodacom sales rep. He informed me that from their first Lumia 800 shipment of 20 phones, 14 had been sold by 17:00 on Tuesday, the 7th of February. I’ll be sure to speak to some Vodashop again in the near future to find out how sales have progressed. By the way, the cash price isĀ  R7,199 if any of you have that much cash for a smartphone, or as one of our readers pointed out via twitter, you can get from for R5,999.


The Buyer’s Guide is Live!   Leave a comment

My apologies for being so quiet lately, but after a lot of hard work I am pleased to announce that AllaboutNokiaSA’s Buyers Guide is live!!

It summarizes all the info, including links to full specifications, full reviews and contract pricing for the Nokia’s available locally. It’s aim is to help anyone looking to buy a Nokia make the right decision. A coming soon category which includes the Lumia and Asha ranges will also be included shortly, just with out the contract pricing for now, obviously.

Browse through it, leave any suggestions or comments and if you like share it with your friends.


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