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AllaboutnokiaSA’s first post!   Leave a comment

This will be AllaboutnokiaSA’s very first post. Hopefully the start of great things!

Why the blog? It’s my interest, my passion and I do spend quite a lot of time reading up on everything Nokia. Problem is that locally the news is pretty limited. There is the Ringaz blog, which is Nokia’s kind-of-official blog as well as one or two others but no one stop shop to find out everything you want to know, like:

– Which Nokia is best for me?

– Which Nokia’s will be released when?

– Which contract from which service provider suits you best?

– What new cool app’s are available?

– Millions of other questions…

I don’t claim to know all the answers off the top of my head and I will do my utmost best to answer all those questions as best I can 🙂

Any suggestions welcome.

Kind regards

Japie Fourie


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