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A very large part of choosing the right phone for yourself is doing some homework. If you’re not too much into phones you would probably ask a friend for advice. Even then it’s quite difficult, because after all the hard work of deciding which phone you want, you walk into the store of your choice and to your surprise you have to pay in R2,867 on your Weekender contract to get it.

In short that  is what allaboutnokiasa’s buyer’s guide is all about. Click on the phone you like below and get links to a full specification sheets, multiple reviews as well as contract pricing. The info is divided into “normal contract offers” as well as “booklet promotions”. The “normal contract offers” is the info you will get when walking into a Vodashop. The “booklet promotions”  is the offers you’ll see when you browse through the promotional booklet available from any Vodashop. Please note that the prices indicated are almost guaranteed to be correct, but as I am in no way part of  any service provider, please don’t threaten to sue me if they aren’t. They will be updated every month or two as new pricing becomes available.

In the near future the other service provider’s offers will also be listed. I’ll add them as soon as I get the time. Any suggestions are welcome. Please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

One last thing: If you like the site, please tell all your friends about it:)

Currently Available:

Nokia 5130 xpressMusic Nokia 5250 Nokia 5330 XpressMusic Nokia C2-02 Nokia C3

Nokia C5

Nokia C5-03

Nokia C6

Nokia C6-01

Nokia C7

Nokia X2 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X3-02 Nokia E63 Nokia E5
Nokia E6 Nokia E7 Nokia 500 Nokia 700 Nokia N8
 Nokia N9  Nokia Lumia 800

Coming Soon (Hopefully):

 Nokia Asha 200

 Nokia Asha 201

 Nokia Asha 300

 Nokia Asha 303

 Nokia Lumia 710


Posted January 4, 2012 by allaboutnokiasa

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