Confirmed: Nokia Lumia 800 to be released locally on the 7th of February   9 comments

Ladies and gentlemen: The eagle has landed. The following image is strait from Nokia RSA’s facebook page.


  • Nokia Lumia, Try it like you own it: This is just a link to a demo of the Lumia 800/710. It’s basically the same demo which I posted a link to earlier.
  • Countdown do 29 days of amazing: This is probably a 29day marketing campaign which will stretch the length of February.
  • View reactions : Links to more info ont he Lumia 800
  • Make everyday amazing in every way: This is probably a Facebook based marketing campaign or maybe even a competition…
  • Arrives 7 Feb: This is the big one. Looks like we only have to wait 21 more days (more or less) for the Lumia 800 to be available locally.

Be sure to check in frequently, as I’ll post pre-order details as soon as its available!


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9 responses to “Confirmed: Nokia Lumia 800 to be released locally on the 7th of February

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  1. When is the Lumia 900 coming to SA? I’m not interested in getting a phone that is already “outdated”.

    I’d prefer a Nokia rather than a Samsung, more so as the Galaxy S2 is still not upgraded to Android 4

    • The Lumia 900 is spescifically made for the US market as it’s got LTE functionality. Rumours are that the international version will be called the Lumia 910. Seeing as the 800 launches locally now, I would thikn that the 910 will only launch q3 this year at the earliest. Look out for an announcement at the Mobile world congress (27 Feb – 1 March)which is just around the corner. The only major difference between the 800 & 900 (excl. LTE) is screen size, so I definately dont see the 800 as outdated, more like a smaller bother. On the other hand I’m upgrading from a N97, so I dont think anything new will seem outdated to me πŸ™‚

  2. Coming from an N97 too… πŸ™‚ The 900 is not worth the premium in price for me as I’ve never used my front facing camera on my phone, the bigger 900 screen has the same resolution, so less pixel density, and the bigger battery is only to compensate for the bigger screen and usage on LTE, which is useless in SA at the moment. So the Lumia 800 is the one I’m going for. Hoping MTN undercuts the Samsung Galaxy S II which is R299 on AnyTime 200.

    • I am planning to work out comprative pricing between the N9 and Lumia 800 internationally and post my guestimates in one of my next posts. Stay tuned:)

      • On Lumia 800 is advertised as R5 999 and the N9 as R6 599. Hopefully the price of the 800 will drop once it’s released in SA! I’m currently paying R135 p/m on a Everday package, found a deal somewhere for the N9 on the same package for +- R360 p/m! Seems like the pay-in amount has been spread out over the two year period. If I have to pay so much I’ll rather wait for the 710, choosing my pain ;0)

      • I’m paying over R300 on my 24 month contract for my N97 anyway, so if I get a Lumia 800 for anything less, or the same price, it’s worth it for me

  3. I just got an email back from MTN after posting a query (1) on their Customer Information Portal last year about Lumia 800 availability and got this (2):
    (1) Hi, I didn’t see an option for querying handset availability. I would like to check with you when the Nokia Lumia 800 will become available on contract seeing as I am due for an upgrade in the new year and would like to know whether I should hold on for the Lumia’s, or choose another handset
    (2) Good Day,
    Thank you for your posting. We should be getting the handset during the second or third quarter. Please check on our websitr during the second quarter of this year.

    Kind Regards,
    The CIP Team

    This is disappointing to me, and unbelievable that we’d have to wait until 2nd or 3rd quarter if thew “launch date” is in February

  4. Hmmm…Did some fishing….check ou tmy next post…

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