Lumia 900 speculation continues   2 comments

The Rumor Mill:

Well the rumour mill is running full speed just 5 days before CES2012 kicks off in Las Vegas. Below is a mockup of all the pictures combined from the leaked “Christmas card” pictured in an earlier post that supposedly showed different parts of the Nokia Lumia 900, drawn up by a reader at (source).

Obviously it’s entirely possible that all the “leaked” images are all fake. It won’t to take too much effort and know how to just draw up all these images using the Lumia 800 and a program as basic as Windows paint and that the actual Lumia 900 looks more like a transparent ball full of alien tech capable of producing your choice of beer by analyzing your DNA :). As none of those images have leaked yet we’ll just assume these are accurate.

In short the Lumia 900 is basically a larger Lumia 800 as can be seen by the comparative pictures shown below (source): have apparently also received confirmation that the Lumia 900 will be sold globally as Nokia’s flagship Windows phone. Although it was rumoured that the Lumia 900 will feature the next installment of Windows Phone, namely “Tango”, is convinced that it will launch with Mango (source).

Below is also the updated specs the Lumia is rumoured to feature:

  • Screen size: 4.3-inch ClearBlack (Lumia 800 – 3.7 inches/N8 – 3.5inches)
  • CPU 1.4GHz Qualcomm CPU
  • 512mb Ram
  • 16GB/32GB Storage (unconfirmed)
  • 8 Megapixel camera
  • 1830mAh battery (Lumia 800 – 1450mAh/ N8 – 1200mAh/ Samsung Galaxy SII -1650mAh)
  • Weight: 160g
  • Thickness: 12mm

Availability in the US is still rumoured to be March 2012, which will continue the newly establish trend by Nokia to launch quite quickly after announcement as with the Nokia Lumia 800 in Europe.

What does this mean for South Africa?

Well obviously we are still waiting for the Lumia 800. Good news is that if one looks at the confirmed launch dates below, we surely won’t have to wait to much longer:

  • November 2011: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK
  • December 2011: Hong Kong, Russia, China, Singapore, Australia, India and Taiwan
  • January 2012: Sweden
  • February 2012: Denmark
  • Q1 2012: South Africa, Australia, United States as well as most South American countries

Vodacom’s latest promotional booklet is valid from the 7th of December 2011 to 6 February 2012. So my guess, or should I rather say hope, is that it will start to be available, for at least pre-order, in the next issue. If not it will most probably be available in March.

In the US, Nokia will most probably launch at least the Lumia 710, 800 & 900. Chances for that happening here is not beyond the realms of possibility but I would think that it is highly unlikely.

Luckily we won’t have to wait for much longer to find out. Who knows, maybe the Lumia 900 will still be able to pour you your favourite beverage by analyzing your DNA….


2 responses to “Lumia 900 speculation continues

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  1. Like I sure hope that we can get the Lumia 800 in SA soon.
    I am checking on blogs and other sources to keep abreast of launch dates.

    We just don’t seem to have any Windows phones worthwile getting at the moment.

    • Thanx for the comment:) Definately no great WP locally available yet, I think its only the HTC 7 trophy & HTC Mozart which is currently available in SA and they are both 1st generation phones. I am however convinced everything will change as soon as the Lumia range is launched locally. I am busy with a post about how Nokia is changing, including their new massive marketing campaigns around the globe. As soon as the Specs/Review/Prices section is finished that will be the next post!

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