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Amazing Lumia launch party in Cape Town!   Leave a comment

What an amazing experience! Look, all in all the launch party wasn’t much different to the launch event in Jo’burg last week. That’s not to say it is a bad thing –  not at all. The effort put in by Nokia and their media partners was clear for all to see.

Most of the launch details were already revealed at last week’s party, for a summary of that event see my related post.

There was however one or two other interesting points:

  • Vodacom has exclusivity for 6 weeks. That means that if you start counting from the 7th of February, which is when the Lumia 800 will be widely available through Vodacom, the other service providers should have the Lumia 800 by the end of March.
  • The partnership between Nokia/Microsoft and Vodacom is a really strong one. Vodacom was again the only service provider present. Steve Kerrigan, the head of sales at Vodacom in the Western Cape described it as a partnership of great brands, which is quite a strong statement.
  • Nokia really has a lot of locally relevant content already lined up. While having som hands-on time with the Lumia 800 I had a look at both the News24 app as well as the local content in Mix Radio and I must tell you both are really impressive. especially Mix Radio, as in each selectable genre, you have a “local artists” section. Everything from Kurt to Kwaito.
  • After spending some time with the Lumia 800, I must tell you that it really is an AMAZING device. Everything from the polycarbonate body, curved screen, to the lightning fast interface  translates into a truly exceptional package. One truly cannot form your final opinion about the Lumia 800 without spending some time with it.

Now for more of the very impressive marketing at the Lumia launch event. While waiting for the event to start laser beams located at the front of the room were shining on the wall at the back of the room.

The event then started in ernest with a string of speakers:

  • First of all Mark Strathmore, Head of Ecosystem Alliances SA took the stage basically punting Nokia’s reach.
  • Afterwards Patric Henchie, Head of products SA, officially introduced the Nokia Lumia range of smartphones. In short he went through most of the selling points of the Lumia range as well as mentioning some of Nokia’s built-in software, like Nokia drive and Mix Radio.
  • Next up was Anthony Doherty, operator channels director at Microsoft SA. He claimed that after tonight the impact the Nokia Lumia will have locally will be clear to see.
  • Steve Kerrigan, Head of sales at Vodacom in the Western Cape, the describes the partnership between Microsoft, Nokia and Vodacom as a partnership of great brands. He also mentioned that there would be a huge marketing campaign starting from the 7th of February.
  • Patri Henchie, who to a large extent played MC for the evening, then finished off the speeches with an invite to play with the Lumia 800 at the back of the stage.

All through the evening there was enough to drink should anyone need to after the breath-taking events

Again there were numerous dance events to keep everyone entertained. First was the Neon dancers seen @ Vodaworld:

To get the party started tap dancers joined one another on the dance floor untill there were quite a large number of dancers tapping away. They tapped untill fire works revealed no less than 3x DJ’s who took over the music playing responsibilities.

Just as the dancing on the stage stopped, the dancing on the floor began, with streamers falling out of the roof and other special effects on stage to ensure everybody is in the party mood.

All in all it was a very successful evening in my opinion. Throughout the evening there was a palpable feeling of excitement in the air. You got the sense that all the role players were convinced that they nailed it. They honestly believe that they have great hardware, with amazing software backed by the country’s largest service provider – and I would agree that they have a winning formula!

Again I would just like to thank Nokia and their marketing partners for my invite to a great event. Hopefully it was the first of many…


Something amazing coming to Cape Town   1 comment

At first I thought that Gauteng got all the Lumia love, but I am ecstatic to be wrong! I today received an invite (many thanks to Nokia) to what I expect to be the Nokia Lumia launch right here in Cape Town! Below is the invite I received:

I know, I know, the RSVP date has al ready passed. Although I suspect that my relatively young blog needed a bit more time to have the necessary impact. I do not expect anything new to be announced on the 31st of January, but I do think that the Lumia 800 will be available in the Cape Town area before the 7th of February. I know, I for one can’t wait, so that in itself will be great news!

I do however suspect that there will be a promotion similar to the free Xbox deal officially revealed yesterday at Vodacom World. Please note though, that this hunch has no basis more reliable than my own optimistic expectations.

If anyone knows of any other Vodashops where the Lumia 800 is al ready available (Excluding of course Vodacom World, Midrand), please mention it in the comments section so all the Nokia fans out there know where to go to satisfy their Lumia hunger:)

As with the event in Midrand, please note that it is a private event. Be sure though that you can get all the latest updates from the launch by following @allaboutnokiasa on twitter .

Lumia 800 Launches in South Africa (Vodacom exclusive)   3 comments

It’s official: The Nokia Lumia 800 was launched earlier today at the Vodadome @ Vodaworld in Midrand. Its al ready shown up on Nokia SA’ website as well. Just click on the image to check out the official page.

With all the who’s who of the Tech world invited (except me of course), the Vodadome was packed to the rafters, along with all the lights, music and entertainment needed to make the Lumia launch the event of the year! Just check out all the people on the photo below and that’s even before the launch kicked off!

The first entertainers was the Lumia styled dancer!

After all the fun, the actual launch took place:

Gerard Brandjes, GM of Nokia SA, said that Nokia intends to set a new standard for smart phones with the Nokia Lumia range. Tom Erskine (Head of Smart Devices: Middle East & Africa at Nokia) continued by introducing the Lumia 710 & 800 as the first real windows phones. The fun didn’t stop there, next up Daniel Lamberti (Digital marketing manager @ Nokia) said that the partnership between Nokia, Microsoft and Vodacom signals new era for smartphones in SA. Err…what?? “and Vodacom” ??

As my inner detective predicted, it got revealed that the Nokia Lumia range of smart phones will be exclusively available through Vodacom and Nokia says it can’t confirm when it will be available on other networks! Romeo Kumalo (Executive Commercial Director at Vodacom) even stated that Vodacom has a very aggressive marketing campaigned planned for the Nokia Lumia range!

The Nokia Lumia 800 will be available through Vodaworld in Midrand from TOMORROW 6am. Where if you take out the Nokia Lumia 800 on Business Talk @ R279/month, you’ll get 100mb of data as well as a Xbox 360 FREE!! (first 200 customers only) I did post the leaked promo pamphlet earlier today, if you want to have a look at it again. Those of us not from Gauteng, will have to wait untill the 7th of February, when the Lumia 800 will be available country-wide from your local Vodashop.

The Nokia Lumia range also weren’t the only hardware which got to presented to the South African tech elite. Nokia together with Monster also launched the Purity HD headsets shown below:

Together with the hardware, Tom Erskine revealed that the Marketplace will have 60,000 plus apps with 150 local ones to boot when the Lumia 800 launches. Nokia also launched the Mix Radio service with the Lumiarange. It  features thousands of tracks and playlists on the cloud for users to stream for free. Mix radio together with the Nokia music store, which features international as well as local music, should have everything Music lovers could ever want.

Whats more, you can get the Lumia 800 for a review (note that you unfortunately can’t  keep the handset). To get the Lumia 800 for a review, just let Nokia know on Twitter why you should be selected to evaluate the phone. Use the #hashtag #Lumia. Good luck!

Nokia Lumia 800 to launch with newest Firmware version   1 comment

As I’m still the admittedly not so proud owner of a Nokia N97 and still get nightmares about the 3+ month waiting period associated with firmware updates. I remember reading about the latest and greatest firmware update for my N97 on international Tech sites in November and only to be able to upgrade in March. Luckily that has changed to large extent with regards to the likes of the N8 and to find out if that trend will continue, I decided to e-mail Nokia support.

Below is the response I received:

“In response to your request, kindly we would like to inform you that the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone firmware v7.10.8107.79 update is now available to
download. Tha Nokia Lumia 800 will be launch with the update software installed on the device at a later date.

So it seems like we’ll get the Lumia 800 already loaded with the latest and greatest firmware, which is great news!

In other, and depending on who you follow, old news. You’ll reportedly be able to get a free XBox with your Lumia 800 purchase. That’s if the information reported on by is correct:

I must admit I am not sure how they will stop the queuing prior top the event. For a matter of fact I’m not exactly sure where the location even is, but it’ll probably be at Vodaworld.

I unfortunately was not one of the fortunate ones to have received an invite to the launch party tonight, but know that all the details will be listed on as soon as possible!

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First Nokia Lumia 800 marketing targeting South Africa   Leave a comment

With Nokia’s extravagant marketing campaigns around the globe I have been keeping my eye out for any Nokia Lumia marketing targeting South Africa. After logging on to read the much awaited review of the Lumia 710 on GSM Arena, I got a welcome surprise: quite noticeable Lumia marketing targeting South Africa:

Most will agree that GSM Arena is the gold standard in 3rd party mobile- & smart phone reivews, so it’s nice to notice the Lumia advertising there. It’s a small start, but it’s nice not to look into another Android advert. That green robot makes me think of  a certain character named “Terie” from a childhood story named “Mina Moo” 🙂

Lumia 800 available exclusively through Vodacom for the first month or two? UPDATED (Again)   6 comments

Let me start off by admitting that I’ve just watched two episodes of Columbo, so it might just be my inner detective taking over:) That said, I might have a point.

I first noticed something fishy on the press invite to the Nokia Lumia launch party on the 25th of February. Below is exhibit one:

As can be seen above, the launch party will take place at the Vodacom Dome. At first I didn’t think to much of it. I then had a chat to some of the sales staff at a Vodashop. One of the staff informed me that Nokia’s sales reps were already busy with giving training on the Lumia 800 device. That too didn’t ring any alarm bells. Then one of all about Nokia SA’s readers named Edrich, placed the following comment on the last post:,

I just got an email back from MTN after posting a query (1) on their Customer Information Portal last year about Lumia 800 availability and got this (2):
(1) Hi, I didn’t see an option for querying handset availability. I would like to check with you when the Nokia Lumia 800 will become available on contract seeing as I am due for an upgrade in the new year and would like to know whether I should hold on for the Lumia’s, or choose another handset
(2) Good Day,
Thank you for your posting. We should be getting the handset during the second or third quarter. Please check on our website during the second quarter of this year.

Kind Regards,
The CIP Team

This is disappointing to me, and unbelievable that we’d have to wait until 2nd or 3rd quarter if thew “launch date” is in February

Edrich / January 19, 2012 at 15:04″

Then, like they say, everything fell in place. The launch party is at the Vodacom dome, Sales training at Vodacom stores confirmed, and only 2nd or 3rd quarter launch dates for MTN. Why would Nokia launch the device at Vodacom’s headquarters? Would a move like that not heighten tensions between Nokia and the other service providers? It hasn’t happened in the past, that I’m aware of, that one carrier got exclusive rights to a Nokia device.

Let’s, for now, assume I’m right. Let’s say Vodacom does get exclusive access to the Lumia 800. What would the benefit be to Nokia? Well we know Nokia has gone HUGE internationally with marketing. I am convinced that in our local market a campaign targeting consumers directly only won’t work. They will have to work via the service providers too. Yes all the Vodacom/MTN (haven’t checked CellC) brochures and shops all show the N9. MTN has even had Nokia N9 advertisements on TV. But I’m sure Nokia wants more and the only way to get that would be for Nokia to promise exclusivity to Vodacom, who remains by the way the largest local service provider. They also did something similar with AT&T in the US with the Lumia 900.

Exclusivity of a much-anticipated device like the Lumia 800 would be something service providers would give a lot for. Maybe even a larger than life marketing campaign…..


The plot thickens… Once again Edrich makes a good point by focussing my attention the fact that MTN featured at Nokia World back in October 2011:

Why would Karel Pienaar, Managing Director and CEO, MTN South Africa have been a key figure at Nokia World end October? See below link and check Day 2 at 13:00. I doubt Nokia would shun MTN for Vodacom completely, just for Feb and March exclusivity. – Edrich

So one wouldn’t expect Nokia to shun MTN. So to try and get more clarity I did a bit more digging. In the comments section on someone named bladzok (joined their forums in 2005 so seems to be a tech follower) states the following:

So initially (the Lumia 800) will only be available on Vodacom and only through Vodacom Direct. That’s from Nokia. – Bladzok”

I know it’s only the comments section, and anyone could write what they want, but still…it’s quite interesting.

Also on another related article on, titled Nokia Windows Phone coming to most operators,author Jan Vermeulen revealed that The Lumia 800 will be available through most service providers, but also couldn’t clearly define launch dates:

Vodacom and 8ta have revealed that they plan to sell the Nokia Lumia 800, while MTN said that “planning for the supply of the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 is at an advanced stage.” 8ta added that subject to device certification, they plan to offer the Nokia Lumia 800 on its Enterprise deals in Q1 2012. Vodacom and MTN didn’t have specific launch dates or pricing information to share, and Cell C and Virgin Mobile did not respond to our queries by the time of publication.

This is getting more & more intriguing, at least we only have to wait two more days to find out 🙂


One of the readers of All About Nokia SA (Edrich – again), has spoken to the sales people at a MTN store who confirmed that the Lumia 800 will launch at the beginning of February. Looks like I’ll have a lot to learn from my Hero 🙂

Confirmed: Nokia Lumia 800 to be released locally on the 7th of February   9 comments

Ladies and gentlemen: The eagle has landed. The following image is strait from Nokia RSA’s facebook page.


  • Nokia Lumia, Try it like you own it: This is just a link to a demo of the Lumia 800/710. It’s basically the same demo which I posted a link to earlier.
  • Countdown do 29 days of amazing: This is probably a 29day marketing campaign which will stretch the length of February.
  • View reactions : Links to more info ont he Lumia 800
  • Make everyday amazing in every way: This is probably a Facebook based marketing campaign or maybe even a competition…
  • Arrives 7 Feb: This is the big one. Looks like we only have to wait 21 more days (more or less) for the Lumia 800 to be available locally.

Be sure to check in frequently, as I’ll post pre-order details as soon as its available!

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